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 Mark 16:17 "In my name shall they cast out devils". Jesus commanded us to cast out devils, and Deliverance is casting out devils (demons, evil spirits) in Jesus name. Devils are the Christians enemy, and we are commanded to war against them in the Spirit, not the flesh (Eph 6:12). Devils torment, drive and harass. They also slow down, stop or reverse spiritual growth in progress. Deliverance from devils still has the same power and authority today as it was 2000 years ago for Jesus, the Apostles and the Disciples. They must be cast out.  
Spiritual Circumcision - Col 2:11
Unsaved people have sin in and on them, and have their souls stuck to their flesh. In the Old Testament when someone touched an unclean thing, not only their flesh, but their soul as well, had sin in their flesh and sin on their soul, as they were stuck together. They were required to have a blood sacrifice for their soul to be cleansed. The devils that are in unsaved people are where the sin is - in their flesh and their soul, as the flesh and soul are joined. The unsaved people, without hope and without Christ, have no authority to get rid of the devils. No Jesus - no deliverance.

Watch Dr Ruckman literally "draw it out" for you in the video below as he teaches on the 3 part being - Body, Soul and Spirit, At the 36:30 minute mark he explains what happens when we get saved and also draws out spiritual circumcision with the "ice tray" example:
Saved people only have sin in them (Christ has their sins on Him), and do not have their souls stuck to their flesh. Saved people are spiritually Circumcised at the very instant they accept Jesus Christ. Then they are members of Christ's body, joined to the Lord as the Holy Spirit came and cut (circumcised) the flesh from the soul and spirit. Therefore the Holy spirit does not touch the "unclean thing" as the flesh and soul are separated. The blood sacrifice
for our sins has been paid for by Jesus Christ's one time sacrifice on the cross. The devils that are in saved people only affect the flesh, not the soul as they are cut apart, but the devils will imitate the soul as they manifest and produce thoughts, feelings and various emotions in order to torment, drive and harass us. Being saved, we may and should cast out devils from our flesh in Jesus name, which has authority over the devils.
 Col 2:11 "In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: 12 Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through the faith of the operation of God, who hath raised him from the dead. 13 And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses;"

Our Soul gets saved, our Spirit gets reborn, and our flesh is dead in Sin

Heb 4:12“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

The two edged sword cut for the spiritual circumcision is where the comma is: after the " soul and spirit" , and before "and of the joints and marrow".

Devils, or evil spirits, dwell in our flesh, but the Holy Spirit does not (Rom 7:17-18). As Christians we are spiritually circumcised (Col 2:11-13 circumcision without hands) so our spirit and soul is cut loose and free from our flesh (Heb 4:12), and our spirit joins to the Holy Spirit. So when we saved people sin we have sin in us, but not on us, as Jesus took our sins on Him for us.
Examine the 3 Crosses below, and watch the Dr Ruckman video clip below teaching about Sin "IN and ON" us:
Unsaved people trusted in their own righteousness so they have sin in and on them, and the wages of sin is death, so without God's son they go to Hell. With us, being saved, our flesh sins so this is where the "Old Man" - the (d)evil spirits dwell. We "drive them out of the land." Old testament saints did not have the new birth and spiritual circumcision so when their flesh sinned, (Lev 22:4-6) their soul sinned, and the Holy Spirit could not abide in their bodies. This is the same now in this age with the unsaved - when they (their flesh) sin so does their connected soul sin, as they are a PART of their sins, and are called by the name of their sins (1Cor 6:9). We as Christians can certainly commit every sin that is listed in Rev 21:8 and Gal 5:19-21. For example, a Christian is not a Liar, or Murderer, or whatever sin committed in the list - but his FLESH is. When a sin is committed, we confess our sins (1John 1:9) for forgiveness to stay in fellowship with our heavenly Father so He won't have to spank (chastise), plus we don't as Christians want any unconfessed sin to show up at the Judgement Seat Of Christ. We, being saved, have a live spirit and soul, but our flesh is reckoned dead and crucified with Christ. Being cut free, our soul does not sin, and our spirit is sealed with the Holy Spirit for our eternal security as we will be presented sinless to the Father when we die, as Jesus paid our debt. The part of us that is born of God, the New Man, does not sin (1John 3:6,9), but the Old Nature, or old Man in the flesh that is subject to the Devil does sin (Rom 7:17-20). So therefore it is a good idea to confess our sins (right after we realize that we sinned against God) to our Heavenly Father in Jesus name and then throw the devis out of ourselves in the name of Jesus.

Two great analogies for understanding our spiritual circumcism in relationship to our 3 part being (body, soul and spirit are:

1) Football: the outer pigskin represents the fleshly body, the inner tube represents the soul (inner tube has the same shape as the outer pigskin) and the air filled inside represents our spirit. A Saved person has a reborn spirit so it is like a football that is filled with air. An unsaved person is like a flat football - it needs air! An unsaved person is dead in trespasses and sin (since Adams fall he has had a dead spirit), and needs a new birth. As God breathed into Adam, so we need to be born again for our spirit to be quickened alive.

2) Ice Cube Tray: H2o, water represents the Soul and Water, and the tray represents the body. An unsaved person has their body (tray) stuck to their Soul (ice water), while a saved person is like the tray was flexed (circumcised) and the ice cubes broke free of the tray - but they are still in the tray - just not stuck to it! Our Souls are still in our bodies but we are not stuck to them!

Devils (Demons) & The Effect Of Spiritual Circumcision Of Christians

Eternal Security and What We Can Lose
We cannot lose our salvation being a part of the BODY of Jesus Christ (Eph 5:30, 1Cor 12:13), after being sealed into it permanently by the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30), but there are things we can lose with unconfessed sin, such as our health, peace, finances, family, etc. We may also lose rewards at the Judgement Seat Of Christ. Unconfessed sin opens the door for devils to steal, kill and destroy. These devils can come into our flesh when we sin, and quite possibly enter us through frequencies that pass through us as in radio waves (also microwaves - cell phones and towers) and the like. So it is good to throw (cast) them out daily. The evil spirits tempt people to sin by being in the brain and talking (putting voices) in peoples heads and tricking the victims to think that they themselves were creating the voice they heard. They hate us because we Christians are reborn in God's image (losing Adam's image) and because of Jesus's sacrifice in place of us they hate us as they are without hope. They have "legal rights" to harass us as we are all sinners when we break God's laws (sin), and because we have sinned and not confessed to God,
these devils that torment us don't have to leave until we do confess our sins. There are also devils that have no right to be in a person and can be just outright cast out easily, as they entered in to the body by some other way other than sin. Devils can enter also through frequencies that go through our flesh with devils traveling along them and through us as with microwave mind control. Rom 7:20 "Now I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me," Rom 7:24 "O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?"

What Are Devils (Demons)?

Confessing the sins
(1John 1:9) wipes out the "legal rights" for the devils, meaning that God will allow them to be cast out. After that we cast them out in Jesus name. Mark 16:17 "In my name shall they cast out devils". Deliverance is still operational now in this age, and is for ALL of us believers, not just a "select" few. Jesus taught deliverance setting the captives free (more than a third of what he did in the Gospels) by casting out devils, and had his disciples do it (Luke 9:1, and Luke 10:17 "the devils are subject to us through thy name"), and Paul did it: "Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her." (Acts 16:18), and we do it now as well.

What are they? They are correctly translated "Devils". Demon is a transliteration of the Greek word Daemon, the Greeks (Socrates, Plato, etc) believed it was a good thing, a mark of genius, to have a Demon. Devil is the translated word as what it means in English, and there is not one good Devil. The bible tells us that they are small (a thousand Devils in each of the Maniacs Of Gadara), and they have wings (Beelzebub, Lord Of The Flies). They are not fallen Angels, as the fallen Angels in Rev 12:9 does not happen yet - that will be in the Great Tribulation after we, Christ's Church, are caught up to Heaven when God calls to us saying "come up hither" in Rev 4:1. Notice how from Rev chapter 4 through to the end of the book that the "church" is gone.

Look at the how deliverance removes spirits that give occult powers, as (Acts 16:16) when Paul cast out the spirit of divination from the damsel she lost her power, or spirit, of divination and could not make money for her masters any longer, so they put Paul in prison for it - until Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God and God caused an earthquake for their release.

First: get saved - then you may do deliverance, as it is the Children's Bread.

The Simple Way To Cast Demons Out Of Yourself

Group Mass Deliverance - simply follow along...

Breaking Demonic Yokes (Spiritual Warfare)

Use Only The Real Bible 1611 KJV
Next: Use a Real Bible, as ALL scripture is profitable, as long as it is not a counterfeit. added to or subtracted from. "For we are not as many which corrupt the word of God" (2Cor 2:17). Satan attacked the words of God in the garden of Eden (he was a liar from the beginning) where Satan asks Eve: "Yea, hath God said..), and Eve committed the first sin of the Bible (Gen 3:1-5) by subtracting from Gods words by omitting "freely", the Eve adds in verse 3 the word "touch". Satan also attacked Gods words the same way with the revision committee in 1885 with the corrupt RV Revised Version and over 225 counterfeit "bibles" since then. The war is against only the 1611 Authorized King James Bible from the received text that came from Antioch - not against any of the other counterfeit versions. Bible critics and correctors place themselves as the final authority above the Holy Spirit who wrote the Bible with His words. The Gnostics in Alexandria Egypt edited God's Word (Rev 22:18-19) with the Alexandrian texts - the Vatacanus and the Siniaticus bible versions which is the text used in all the modern versions (changing and subtracting verses and words, and adding the Apocrypha). Some Christians doing deliverance are tricked into using a counterfeit bible (any other but the Authorized) by having the worker think it is ok to use an Alexandrian "Bible" due to the fact that one does not need a bible on hand when performing deliverance. 
Fear of the loss of salvation is a major stronghold that is infiltrating Christians doing deliverance. 
Using a fake bible may lead to someone believing Acts 2:38 (adding water baptism to our Gospel) could be the Gospel (it was the for the Jews that needed repentance for crucifying their messiah, but not our Gospel). It is unfortunate that people are led to these doctrines of devils through the perverted texts that come from Alexandrian text Bibles (NIV, NKJV, Amplified, Living Bible, etc.), that blind them (strong delusion) from studying to rightly divide the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15), applying scripture to someone now in this age of "Grace" that is written for someone in the 7 year tribulation because after the rapture those that remain and become Christians in the 7 year tribulation (the time of Jacobs trouble) must have both faith and works (ex: James - written to physical Isrealites "twelve tribes" in the Tribulation) or they will lose their salvation (Mat 24:13), thus believing that someone now in this age of Grace can lose their salvation by works or sins, and if they preach this - they are damned. Yes - in the Tribulation those people that become Christians in that time period (Age) can lose their salvation. Christians now in this age of Grace will not be in the Tribulation, as we (the Church) are "called up hither" in Rev 4:1. Someone not rightly dividing the Word will mistake verses aimed at someone in the Tribulation as verses that they think can apply to them now. This promotes a Fear of the loss of salvation "doctrine of devils" in believers. Now, in this age of Grace, we have ETERNAL SECURITY. The Pauline Epistles are written for us in this age, and if other Bible verses line up with them, then we may apply them to us. Click here and watch the videos
to know the true history and see the timeline.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer: how to bind and loose. Now you can fight back against the forces of darkness. Witch covens send curses and demons, we Christians bind the demons, and loose the spirits of God. Here's how:

The Fragmented Soul, Restoring the Soul and deliverance Teaching Service: When we Christians got saved our flesh was cut free, but the soul has a bodily shape: read the "rich man and Lazarus" Luke 16:23-24, in Hell the rich man's soul has a bodily shape as he has eyes and a tongue. So the Authorized Bible tells us that is not as the Greeks thought: a "golf ball"), that there are soul and flesh (physical) counterparts, such as Brain/Mind and the Soul(spiritual) Heart/Physical Heart. For example the physical heart and the emotional heart: a hard heart blocks understanding and "your treasure is where your heart is", and with the heart we believe. We ask Jesus to come into our heart the Holy spirit comes in, and we know He does not go into the physical heart, and when evils spirits come in they reside in the flesh, and have access to the physical heart, "For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing" Rom 7:18. Therefore, soul fragmentation and soul ties are indeed very real, but the names "soul tie" and "fragmented soul" are misleading in the sense that it infers that the problems - fragmentations, evil spirits, etc, are in the Soul, not the fleshly body, which of course is not true according the the Bible. Since the soul and the fleshly body superimpose one over another (soul has bodily shape, like a ghost), the connection is flesh to flesh. Difficulty, in various degrees, is manifesting our soul through to our flesh. Technically how spiritual circumcision (Col 2:11) is defined by the Bible is what we need to learn. Our Souls gets saved, but our bodies (flesh) are reckoned dead. Romans chapter 7: "Who shall deliver me from the BODY of this death?". Now, this seems obvious to the Bible student, but there are Christians that are not seeing this truth, and they believe that the cut in Col 2:11 is between the Spirit and the Soul/Flesh and in this private interpretation these people assume that the devils are in both the flesh and soul, as it was under the law in the Old Testament, and as it is with unsaved people presently. But we are in the Church age now, and for a saved person the Bible is clear about where the cut is: between the Spirit/Soul and Flesh and hence devils can only inhabit the flesh. 1st John fits this teaching with the soul not sinning, but the flesh does (also Romans chapter 7). Being in the search for absolute truth, ultimately you should research and compare scripture with scripture, for the Holy Spirit, the author of the scriptures, to reveal this and other truths to you, as this doctrine is very important to study. Watch this excellent video and learn how to Restore your soul:

Tactics to Rout The Demons (Spiritual Warfare)

Deadly Marine Spirits - What They Are And How To Get Rid Of Them

Basic How To:

We, being saved, have our High Priest Jesus Christ in the third Heaven Heb 9:11, Heb 10:21. We are seated with him in heavenly places: Eph 2:6, as we have the Holy Spirit in us. Geographically we are on God's Earth, but Spiritually we are in Heaven. We saved people are "a Royal Priesthood" 1 Peter 2:5, 1 Peter 2:9, that can cast devils out of ourselves.

1) Confess all sins, (1st John 1:9) in Jesus Christ name directly to our Heavenly Father, as it is with Him that we have sinned against. We need to restore our fellowship, or our state, with Him. We are standing on the Rock - Jesus (saved - eternally secure), but our state is our relationship with God, and since we want to stay in fellowship with him we confess our sins to Him, and follow His doctrines.

2) Forgive everyone for everything (an act of the will) in Jesus Christ name

3) As Paul did, so can you: say "I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out" (Acts 16:18) and as you breathe out (yawn and/or cough), you are casting out the devils. Every day, get the evil spirits (devils, demons) out of yourself with something like: "In the name of Jesus Christ I command all unclean spirits to get out of me".

4) Quote Bible scriptures (as Jesus did:"It is written...")

5) Offer spiritual sacrifices Heb 13:15, 1 Peter 2:5 - praise and thank Jesus Christ, sing Psalms and spiritual songs Col 3:16, Eph 5:19

Want freedom from these tormenting spirits?
You can cast out evil spirits by yourself - self deliverance, or use Deliverance ministries that will pray for your freedom using the general procedures of deliverance. Techniques and doctrines vary from ministry to ministry, so investigate various ministries and make your choice. Also look for Deliverance Ministries that may be close in distance to you.

email us at: getblessedforever@protonmail.com


Recommended: Buy and watch video: "Demons and Christians" by Dr Peter Ruckman available from BIBLE BAPTIST BOOKSTORE www.kjv1611.org

Get all the great Win Worley material including spiritual warfare and deliverance Mp3's, DVD's, CD's and Books WRW Publications

General Procedure Of Individual Deliverance

If you are new to Deliverance - get experienced Deliverance Workers to work with you
Thank the Lord for his love and salvation by sending Jesus to take our place on the cross
Claim the Word (Authorized King James Bible): Mat 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name..."
Ask our Father
God in Jesus name to loose angels (Heb 1:7 and Heb 1:14) to find, bind and remove all demons from our house to dry places
Ask Father God to loose guardian angels and ask for Hedge all around us, in Jesus name
Ask Father
God to loose angels to cut demonic soul ties with demons in us, and with those in the 2nd heaven, in Jesus name
Ask Father God to loose angels to strip amour off demons as we attack them, in Jesus name
Ask Father God to loose angels to cut silver cords from witches (all satans children) that soul travel and box them up, in Jesus name
Bind all strongmen and ruler demons to authority of Jesus in 3rd Heaven, claim Mat 18:18 and Mark 3:27
Claim scripture "Let he that has ears, let him hear" and command in Jesus name that demons will hear song about Jesus
Praise God with a worship song

Put Satan and his demons on notice of attack and establish authority with Jesus in 3rd Heaven and bind them to Jesus authority flowing through us
Forbid transference of all evil spirits to us and all we have Godly soul ties with
, in Jesus name
Confess all sins, (1st John 1:9) in Jesus name
Confess sins of ancestors
Forgive everyone for everything (an act of the will) in Jesus name
Renounce all occult
, in Jesus name
Break all Generational Curses, in Jesus name
Cut all ungodly soul ties, in Jesus name
Cancel spells, subliminal spells, curses and hexed music sent to us and return demons back to senders in Jesus name
Command demons where to go when commanded out in Jesus name (ex: dry places), in Jesus name
Bind lesser demons to ruler demons, command them that when being cast out that they are to take all demons under their command with them, in Jesus name
Command them that when they hear their name or family name that will obey and go where we send them, in Jesus name
Ask Holy Spirit to bring up and make manifest the strongman or demon that God wants us to be free from now, in Jesus name
Ask God to loose to us discernment to know what demon type to attack, in Jesus name
Investigate 3 areas of demonic entry: 1. sins (personal & generational) 2. soul ties 3. demons being sent to us (by witches, spells, etc.)
Start casting out demons in related groups (ex: Fear, worry, fear of dark, etc), in Jesus name
Attack 3 Soul areas: Mind, Will and Emotions, in Jesus name
Attack areas of the Body, in Jesus name
Command them to march out in rank, file and order, in Jesus name
Ask God to instruct angels that demons that disobey will be bound and taken to dragons dungeon, in Jesus name
Break curses, then cast related demons out, in Jesus name
Loose opposite of demon being attacked (ex: attacking Fear - loose Power, Love, Sound Mind; Perfect Love), in Jesus name
Loose Forgiveness and cast out Guilt Shame and Condemnation, in Jesus name
Loose healing and strength in person being delivered, in Jesus name
Stay relaxed and calm, avoid shouting as it tires us out and promotes an angriness in us - demons can hear a low voice with faith
Move on from one demon family to another when area is clear (ex: after unforgiveness family, then move to Occult family)
On stubborn demons
use tactics: ask Father to loose angels to attack them and strip their guards and armor off, in Jesus name
Quote or paraphrase Bible scriptures to them (as Jesus did:"It is written...")
Loose burning, destruction and judgment on them
, in Jesus name
Loose the Angels of destruction and vengeance to attack them, in Jesus name
Loose the Hornets of the Lord to attack them, in Jesus name
Loose the fire of God on them, in Jesus name
Loose weakness and dizziness into them, in Jesus name
When demons talk though (puppet) the demonized person, interrogate them to find out what legal right binds them here
Ask demon if a curse - personal or generational, binds them to the person
For a "lie detector" ask demon "will that answer stand in the judgment"?
Do not give demons control by asking them where they will go when leaving, maintain authority by you odering them where they will go (ex: dry places)
Have demon "confess his exit" by having him break the curse, and repeat your words of command - your order of his eviction
If demon will not budge, then cast out lesser demon under his command and "tear out his foundation"
Have angels place demon in a Box if he is uncooperative
Loose the curses of the midionites on them - "civil war in Satan's kingdom" and order them to attack each other
, in Jesus name(works with different family types)
Demote the strongman to low rank
, in Jesus name
Promote low ranking demon to higher rank than strongman, bind him to your (Jesus) authority and have him throw out previous strongman
Thank and Praise Father God and Jesus after each victory

Close by asking Father
God to send angels to Box and bind in chains, fetters and gags all Strongmen and demons that are still in the person, in Jesus name
Forbid all demons not to manifest until ready to come out in next deliverance, in Jesus name
Ask Holy Spirit to fill all gaps and empty spaces (where the demons previously occupied), in Jesus name
Ask Father God for Restoration of the Soul so we may love God with all our Mind, Will and Emotions, in Jesus name
Ask Father God to send angels to find fragments of fragmented Soul, break all bindings that contain the fragments, in Jesus name
Next ask angels to restore fragments back to proper and original positions, in Jesus name
Ask for Holy spirit for healing of Soul and body, in Jesus name
Ask Father God to send ministering spirits of Healing, in Jesus name
Ask Father God to Loose to us ministering spirits (ex: Love, Peace, Joy, Might Strength, etc..), in Jesus name
Ask for a Hedge of protection around us and our families, and through the night as we sleep, in Jesus name
Forbid all backlash by the demons, in Jesus name
Prase and thank the Lord and sing worship songs, in Jesus name
Now that we have "Cast out the demons", next we "crucify the sin nature" by reading the Word (the King James Bible)
Finally, with Deliverance and Healing just undertaken by delivering the saved, next be on the lookout for opportunities to do the 1st commission: Save the lost

email us at: getblessedforever@protonmail.com

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Notice: upon any and all of Satan's children, including witches and wizards, partaking or planning any evil work (curses, vex's, hex's, spells, incantations, jinx's and the like) against this website and all people (God's children) associated with it and our families including every one in these videos - we return all curses back to sender in the name of Jesus Christ, including all types and ranks of devils and demons invoked by any curses, hex's, vexes, spells and incantations. Psalms 109:17 "as he loved cursing, so let it come unto him". In the name of Jesus Christ we return all curses back to all senders. In the name of Jesus Christ we also loose upon these senders of evil giant angels to bind their strongmen and spirit guides. We also, in the name of Jesus Christ, send angels to cut all ungodly soul ties that these senders have with any other witch, and also to cut off all power that the senders get from any higher ranking devils in the second heaven. We also, in the name of Jesus Christ, ask you Lord to send to them your Holy Spirit to lead them to you Lord. Heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ's mighty name we ask you to loose to us powerful angels (Heb 1:14) to protect, hide and put a hedge of protection around all of us who are involved in this website, ministry and in these videos - every second, every hour and every day continuously. Thank you Jesus.

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